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 Volume 4 Issue 3 2015                                  Abstracts







A Study of the Factors Influencing Successors’ Choices in Indian Family-Managed Businesses

R. Agarwal, A. Kumar, K. D'Souza    

Succession is a key to ensuring longevity of firms hence is important in family business research. The factors that influence successors’ decisions to join family businesses in India are studied. A list of 21 factors from the literature is tested on 351 students. Multivariate discriminant analysis is used. The results show that self-efficacy and external opportunities have a negative effect and parental preparation has a positive effect on the decision to join a family firm. External opportunity is further examined by a regression analysis and is found to be correlated to the perception of the father’s success in the family firm.

Keywords: succession, motivation of successors, successor choices


 A Comparison of Internal and External Executive Coaching

J. Cocuľová

The aim of the paper is to evaluate the asset of different forms of  executive coaching through finding statistically significant differences in the perception of selected aspects of coaching between the participants of internal and external coaching. To fulfill the research objective five statistical hypothesis were tested by using of Mann Whitney U test. Research results have shown the existence of statistically significant differences between internal and external coaching in four cases. Realized research provides knowledge that will enable a deeper understanding the fact that the way of implementation of coaching affects the resulting benefits of the method of development of executives.

Keywords: training and development, executive coaching, internal coaching, external coaching


 A Study of Granger Causality in Asian Stock Markets

M. Dash

This study investigates the inter-linkages between the Indian stock market and the Chinese, Japanese, and South-East Asian stock markets, during 2000-2007, prior to the global financial crisis, using the augmented Dickey-Fuller test to test the returns series for stationarity, and the Granger causality test to test for causality of returns between the markets. The results of the study suggest that the Indian stock market is closely integrated with the South-East Asian markets and the Japanese market, and that the Chinese market is influenced by the Indian market, but in turn does not seem to exert influence on any of the markets. The results, thus, indicate integration of the Indian and Japanese markets with the South-East Asian markets, and relative isolation of the Chinese market.

Keywords: inter-linkages between stock markets, augmented Dickey-Fuller test, Granger causality test


  Management Education in Research

A. G. Goncharuk

The paper distinguishes the basic research types related to management education: B-school challenges, continuing education processes and experiential learning, developing a strategy of management education. For each type author held a brief overview of studies published over the last years.

Keywords: management, education, B-school, experiential learning, strategy


 The Collapse of the Icelandic Banking System and the Inaction of the International Community  

H. Þ. Hilmarsson

The 2008 global economic and financial crisis hit hard in Iceland. During the crisis its three largest banks all collapsed in just a few days with severe consequences for the economy and the people. Prior to the crisis, Iceland, a high income OECD country, had experienced strong growth and unprecedented expansion in overseas investments and activities, especially in the financial sector. This article focuses on the actions of the international community when the Icelandic authorities, during a period of great uncertainty and need, sought assistance to protect the Icelandic economy before the banking system fell.

Keywords: economic and financial crisis, economic policy, international expansion of firms, risk management



Creation of an Information Model of Agricultural Holding Sustainable Development

H. Martyniuk

The article is dedicated to substantiation of a creation of the information model of an agricultural holding (this substantiation is based on necessity of creation of locally integrated structures) in accordance with a sustainable development concept in order to form prerequisites for the support and development of the Ukrainian economy, which will lead to further integration of the economy into the EU economy EU. The author has considered the main paradigms of initiation and formation of territorial and production complexes related to the southern region of Ukraine. The author has substantiated precisely this territorial and geographic scaling. The proposed concept of the application of the theory of sustainable movement of non-autonomous systems in dissipative structures is especially noteworthy. The dissipative structures are comprised of the main factors of the sustainable development concept, i.e. economic, social, and ecologic first-order micro-models, which are presented in the form of fractals being influenced by bifurcation points, i.e. innovative attractors. Firstly, such a model creates an opportunity of influence and regulation in the process of qualitative phase transition. Secondly, it tends to self-organize with an additional synergetic effect. Thirdly, it is multi-version, since exogenous as well as endogenous factors are used as interferences.  

Keywords: complex structured enterprises, locally integrated structures, Ukraine, cluster-forming technologies, sustainable development, non-autonomous systems, dissipative structures, fractals, innovative attractor



 Effects of Trade Openness And Economic Growth on the Private Sector Investment in Syria

A. S. Mohsen

This study attempts to investigate the effect of trade openness and economic growth on the private sector investment in Syria over the period 1980-2010. The cointegration test indicates that private sector investment is positively related to the trade openness and GDP. The Granger causality test indicates bidirectional short-run causality relationships between trade openness, GDP and private sector investment. There are also unidirectional long-run causality relationship running from trade openness to private investment, and bidirectional long-run causality relationships between GDP and private investment. The study result indicates that it is vital for the Syrian government to still adopt the economic policy in liberalizing foreign trade and creating an attractive investment climate in order to motivate the private sector investment in the country.

Keywords: Syria, private investment, trade openness, economic growth, vector autoregression



 A Modification of Efficacy Coefficient Model for Enterprise Performance Evaluation

X. Zheng, J. Alver

Enterprise performance evaluation is a key research area in accounting and finance. Although there are a few methods available many of these are not suitable for China due to its unique political, economic and cultural situations. It is not appropriate for China to directly copy the foreign performance evaluation methods. Therefore, it is urgent for the country to develop a model which is suitable for its current situation and can efficiently evaluate enterprise performance especially for those State-Owned Enterprises. The paper first studies the main enterprise performance evaluation methods and their pros and cons. Then it focuses on the introduction of a comprehensive performance evaluation model which is based on the efficiency coefficient method. After that, a case study of China’s Sinopec is carried out to validate the model. Research findings are discussed and summarized at the end of the paper, together with an outline of future research directions.

Keywords: SOE, efficiency coefficient method, performance evaluation, Sinopec



Book Review: Behavioural Finance

A. Anju



Book Review: Small States in a Global Economy – Crisis, Cooperation and Contributions

A. V. Kobylianska





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