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 Volume 4 Issue 1 2015                                  Abstracts







An Analysis of Life Cycle of Projects in Housing Sector

I. B. Аzarova  

Research of life cycle of housing building projects with financing through the funds of financing con­struction is conducted. The most risky phases of projects are discovered.

Keywords: management, investment, con­struction projects, life cycle of project, housing building, fund of financing construction


Macroeconomic Factors and Performance of Indian Stock Market

J. Gaur, M. Dash

With the global financial crisis, the Indian economy is witnessing a downturn, with an overall weakening of its macroeconomic indicators. In particular, performance of the economy as a whole and the performance of the stock market are expected to be closely inter-linked; fundamental analysis proposes that knowledge of economic conditions and macroeconomic factors would enable investors to anticipate/predict stock market performance. This study examines the impact of selected macroeconomic factors on stock market performance in India using the Granger causality test. The results of the study showed that the only macroeconomic factor which had a significant causal effect on the performance of Indian stock markets was movements in net FIIs.

Keywords: macroeconomic factors, fundamental analysis, Granger causality test, net FIIs


Investment Aspects of Introduction of the Improved Post-Harvest Corn Processing Technology

V. Y. Osypchuk, N. O. Teslenko

The authors of the article have briefly revealed the role of corn in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. It is indicated that the corn integrity has a huge impact on its quality and the former, in its turn, depends on the quality of post-harvest processing, namely drying operation. The nature of two-stage drying technology that reduces fractures has been disclosed. The economic and investment indexes of the implementation of this technology have been calculated.

Keywords: corn, drying, fracturing, broken grains, investments


Analysis of the Effectiveness of Investments in the Development of Ukrainian Danube Channel on Firm Ground

D. A. Sharapatyuk

The need of building of channel on firm ground, for strength of transport corridor and to bring Ukraine quite a bit ecological and economic benefit is proved. The efficiency of investments in this project is analysed. The author is shown his project advantages by comparison to other existent projects.

Keywords: investments, analysis, efficiency, project, competition, advantage


Beta Clustering of Impact of Crude-Oil Prices on the Indian Economy

S. Ghosh, N. Sivakumar

Indian economy depends on crude-oil to sustain its fast growth. There are several studies which have tried to understand the impact of crude-oil prices on Indian economic parameters. The current study is intended to understand whether the extent of impact of crude-oil prices on selected economic parameters is similar. The results of the study show that the extent of impact of crude-oil prices on the Indian economy is not similar. The study has also performed a cluster analysis using the regression betas to classify the extent of impact of crude-oil price changes and identified four meaningful clusters.

Keywords: beta clustering, crude-oil prices, Indian economy



Construction and Validation of Learning Organization Questionnaire

M. M. Sulphey

Only a Learning Organization (LO) will be capable of taking on the modern day challenges and to move ahead in this highly dynamic and completive world.  An LO is a consciously managed organization having learning as a vital component in its values, visions and goals, and in everyday operations.  The objective of the present study is to construct a tool to assess whether an organization is an LO.  The tool (Learning Organization Questionnaire) has been developed scientifically based on procedures and practices put forth by experts in the field.  Factor analysis yielded 19 items in a three factor model.  The tool is also having high levels of reliability and validity.  It is expected that the tool will trigger further studies, and enable enrichment of the literature in this area.

Keywords: learning, learning organization, organisational learning, construction, validation



Performance Management in Healthcare

I. A. M. Alsharf

The paper studies the basic concepts, methods for performance measurement and management. Author suggests a system of performance management for medical institutions that based on the use of a balanced scorecard, key performance indicators and management by objectives.

Keywords: performance management, healthcare, medical institution, key performance indicators



Investment Activity of Industrial Enterprises Amid Rising Natural Gas Price

A. G. Goncharuk

The paper presents the results of analysis of the structure of investments by the industries of Ukraine. Key impact of the natural gas price on an investment activity of metallurgical and chemical enterprises is identified. The recommendations for the state regulator to enhance an investment activity of enterprises are developed.

Keywords: investment, natural gas, metallurgy, chemical industry, rising prices, government regulation





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