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Volume 2 Issue 1 2013 Abstracts







International Financial Integration and Equity Risk Premium in Emerging Countries

N. Boussiga, E. Abaoub

This paper analyzes the effect of international financial integration on the equity risk premium using a panel dataset of sixty emerging and developing countries over the period 2000-2010. We also use equity risk premium determinants as independent variables in the model. The results show that there is a negative relationship between international financial integration and equity risk premium. We add the interaction term between international financial integration and crisis as an independent variable in the model. We find out that our results are not confirmed in crisis situation.

Keywords: international financial integration, equity risk premium, crisis, emerging countries, panel data, generalized least squares

The Survey of Attitudes of Tourism Clients in the Choice of Holiday Package Based on Price

M. Ferencová, L. Karas

The attitude of tourism clients in the choice of tourism products (e.g. holiday package) depends on several criteria: the holiday package price, first minute price, last minute price, price discounts for the holiday package, volume discounts and so on belong to it. This contribution aims to identify attitudes of tourism clients from the Czech and Slovak Republic in the choice of holiday package based on price. Age, gender, size of the city where respondents live and their income were used as predictors.

Keywords: tourism product, holiday package, price


Consumer Behavior Towards Mobile Phone Usage: a Case Study of Muktsar District

R. Kaur

Usage of mobile phone has increased among masses in the recent time. Rapid growth and competition among the mobile handset companies have provided affordable handsets. This has resulted in increase of customer base. Thus it is of significant interest to assess the customer view on usage, necessity and spending on mobile phone. Hence, the paper concludes that Nokia is the most preferred brand among all occupations as they are satisfied with the quality although they are facing some problems. The survey also provides general opinion about the impact of mobile phone usage on users work efficiency.

Keywords: telecommunication, consumer perception, suggestions, India


Assessing Financial Health of a Firm Using Altmans Original and Revised Z-Score Models: a Case of Kingfisher Airlines Ltd (India)

M. Kumar, M. Anand

In this case study, we used both Altman's Z-score and Modified Z-score models to investigate whether it is possible to rely on Altmans Models (1968, 1983) to assess financial health and predict financial failure of a publicly traded non-manufacturing company in India. The findings of this case study indicated that the Altman's original Z-score model predicted that the financial health of the firm under consideration is not consistent over a period of 2005 - 2012. The same is confirmed by the Revised Z-score model as well. According to this study, the models were able to predict financial distress and probable future bankruptcy of the firm. The mean Z-score for the firm under investigation during the period 2005-2012 is 0.918 and the mean Z-score for the same period is 0.019, both being less than cut-offs confirm poor financial health of the firm and that the bankruptcy is very likely to happen.

Keywords: Altmans original and modified Z-score model, bankruptcy assessment, financial and operational health, Kingfisher Airlines


Attractiveness and Employability: a Qualitative Investigation into Bangladeshi Perspective

H. Maryam, S. Aiman

This paper understands the impact and importance of attractiveness of candidates on the employability conditions and recruitment decisions. It discusses the current scenario being used in the organizations of Bangladesh. This research is focused on the employees of different private banks of Bangladesh and a semi structured questionnaire is developed so that questions such as perception and value of facial attractiveness in corporate sector, evidence of biasness observed on the basis of beauty and ones looks, etc., can be answered. A total of 338 filled up questionnaires were used to compile this study. It describes the effect of a culture in giving importance to attractiveness while making important selection and other related decisions.

Keywords: beauty, physical attractiveness, employability, culture, recruitment decisions, bias


About the Influence of High Gas Price on an Efficiency

A. G. Goncharuk

The paper presents the results of study of the efficiency of Ukrainian gas distribution system after increasing the prices on imported natural gas. Author detects decreasing returns to scale, relatively high productivity and increased profitability in the sector of gas supply.

Keywords: efficiency, gas distribution, gas companies, price policy, economies of scale, data envelopment analysis





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