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What investments are most effective during the financial crisis?

Anatoliy G. Goncharuk

The paper presents the results of a study of investment sources during the financial crisis on the basis of six medium-sized enterprises of the Ukrainian meat industry. The high efficiency of the internal sources of investment in fixed assets is identified. Author emphasizes the need to use the internal potential of company during the crisis that giving chances for the future development of the business.

Keywords: investment sources, internal potential of company, financial crisis, poultry plants, Ukraine


Trends in global mutual funds: a future vision

G.V. Satya Sekhar

The globalization of financial markets in recent years, at the outset, it is important to highlight three longer-term trends in global markets. These are the dramatic increase in cross-border capital flows, the globalization of financial institutions, and the globalization of financial markets. This paper aims to find the future leader of global mutual funds by the year 2020. Its objectives: to examine the present trends in global financial markets; to understand global trends in mutual funds with respect to select countries; to predict expected changes in the next 10 years and India’s position.

Keywords:  mutual funds, performance, fund returns, portfolio, investments


Industry support to academia

Abbasali Gabula

This article reviews the various ways industry can support academia especially after the economic crisis. It studies all the articles in this area and comes to some overall conclusions on various ways industry is supporting academia and suggests some more ways how this support can be enhanced and made meaningful.

Keywords: academia, research, learning, industry, collaboration, teaching, experiential, business


Dividend policy: signalling or maturity hypothesis?

Elisabete S. Vieira

Author analyses the assumptions of the dividend signalling hypothesis, using data from three European countries. The results do not give strong support for the dividend signalling hypothesis. In addition, author relates the signalling and the maturity hypotheses as two competing explanations for the information content of dividends. Although author finds some evidence for the maturity hypothesis, the results are not clear if dividend increases are a sign of maturity or used by firms to convey to the market their future prospects, suggesting that the dividend policy cannot be totally explained by neither the signalling hypothesis nor the maturity hypothesis.

Keywords: cash dividends, maturity hypothesis, signalling hypothesis


Strategic mergers and acquisitions of Mexican emerging multinationals

Jos? G. Vargas-Hern?ndez

This paper aims to analyze the execution of mergers and acquisitions as a strategy for Mexican multinational firms. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) has become a trend for the growth of Mexican companies. Although the diverse, all companies seeking the ultimate goal of growth of the firm. Through the job description in the three largest companies in Mexico and the results we achieved demonstrate the profitability of this kind of strategic alliances and detected elements which may be useful for growing companies that are selecting the appropriate strategy to their resources and goals. This article aims to describe the execution of mergers and acquisitions as a strategy for Mexican companies best positioned within the major world rankings to achieve growth. The corporate strategy is critical to achieving the higher rank and must be set out clearly and according to their needs.

Keywords: corporate strategies, mergers and acquisitions, Mexican multinationals


How to shrink the shrinkage in India?

Mukta Srivastava

While organized retailers are burgeoning by leaps and bounds in India, the problem of retail shrinkage has become a burning issue these days. India has been ranked No. 1 in retail shrinkage according to the fifth annual edition of Global Retail Theft Barometer 2011 (IIFL, 2011). The article tries to find out the reason for the same. The present article not only discusses the various forms of retail shrinkage and the challenges faced by Indian retailers in this regard but also gives valuable suggestions to them.  

Keywords: retail shrinkage, retail industry, shoplifting, employee theft, administrative errors, RFID, bar codes, CCTV


Identifying and ranking effective factors on organizational commitment of employees using MADM techniques

Alireza Rajabipoor Meybodi

Organizational commitment is the employee's psychological attachment to the organization. The main goal of paper is identifying and ranking the effective factors on organizational commitment. This survey performed in regional electricity of Yazd (Iran). First, using the Delphi technique and expert opinions, 35 components that are effective on staff organizational commitment, identified and classified in four groups. Finally, these factors using statistical methods and MADM techniques ranked. The results show that between influential factors on organizational commitment, organizational and managerial factors have the most effect on organizational commitment. Some suggestions proposed to improve organizational commitment.

Keywords: organizational commitment, employees, Delphi technique, MADM techniques, education


Impact of quality of interaction on subordinates compliance with leader’s bases of power

Durga Devi Pradeep and N.R.V. Prabhu

Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy given needs.   Services Marketing and management refers to a customer-satisfaction-engineering tool whereby various complex issues like design, delivery, encounters, quality, profitability and productivity are dealt with. This paper deals with the challenge of service quality in today’s emerging global village. The study employed the modified version of the SERVQUAL instrument to ascertain the quality gaps. The education services have been facing stiff competition from abroad where variety of curriculum and standards are the order of the day.

Keywords: education, leadership, quality, measurement, management


Knowledge transfer between internationalised SMEs

Maria Rosaria Marcone

This work aims to investigate how international marketing strategies are based and maybe in some cases are actually heavily dependent on the capacity to form and enhance skills in design, engineering and production activities, and on the propensity to invest more resources in R&D activities as well as in activities that are more strictly speaking production based (manufacturing). This study has the objective of examining the influence of the structure and composition of a technological SME’s international alliance portfolio to gain a better understanding of the way in which the transfer of knowledge takes place between elements of the same company that has localized production and research activities in different foreign markets.

Keywords: technological assets, international business markets, international knowledge flows


The random walk hypothesis: a research study on selected banks

Vijai Anand and Tapal Dulababu

The EMH (Efficient Market Hypotheses) is one of the most incessant and respected theories in finance, yet it still comes under heavy criticism. The EMH has been based on an earlier theory that the market prices follow a random walk, hence they are unpredictable. For the purpose of the research, banking industry is considered. Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank and Oriental Bank of commerce are taken for the study. The research revealed that past prices of the stocks follow random walk. The investors are advised to analyze company’s balance sheet, corporate announcements on stock split, dividends, bonus issue and other financial factors before investing into a company.

Keywords: random walk theory, efficient market hypotheses, risk and return, run test


Marketing of innovations in the strategy of food security ensuring

Artemiy N. Buzni

Necessity of the marketing approach to the food security ensuring design is justified. Marketing of innovations in the strategy of priority development is accented

Keywords: food security, marketing of innovations, strategic planning, prediction


To a question on formation of logistical networks

Tatyana Evtodieva

In article preconditions of formation of a logistical network are marked, author's definition of a logistical network, a definite purpose of formation of the given formation is presented. Process of formation of a logistical network is described.

Keywords: networks, logistical networks, network structure, network formation


Innovation: definition and management technology

Oxana O. Klymenko

The article clarifies the essence of the innovation’s concept in the context of management science, identifies the key elements of technology innovation management, existing tools and methods to estimate the innovation efficiency.

Keywords: innovation, innovative management, implementation, management technology


Enterprise activity of oil and fat industry in Ukraine

Tetyana I. Mironiuk and Olena I. Yakovenko

The article is studied the particularities of oil and fat industry in Ukraine, its current status (production of oil by the regions and the manufacturer is studied; the dynamic of oil prices for 2010-2011 is shown). Special attention is paid to the export of sunflower seeds and oil.

Keywords: production of sunflower-seed oil, oil and fat industry, export, sunflower-seed oil market of Ukraine


Venture capital as a major source of investment in innovation

Olga B. Kalaman and Olga O. Zhalinska

This article explores the country's venture capital. The basic problems of venture capital investment of the domestic economy are considered. The classification and main characteristics of venture financing are shown. The structure of venture capital is determined. The venture financing problems of innovative processes and solutions for the Ukrainian economy are proposed.

Keywords: venture capital, innovation, innovation, venture capital, venture capital


Improving the investment activity of industrial enterprise

Tetyana V. Bogachenko

In this article it is contemplated a problem of investment appeal and search sources of financing of investments.

Keywords: investments of industrial enterprise, investment policy, investment strategy, investment regulations


Theoretical bases of investment in development of agriculture in Ukraine

Olga B. Kalaman, Sergei Mynzul

The article made characteristics of the investment attractiveness of AIC of Ukraine. Based on foreign experience assesses the investment industry are implemented. The basic priorities and directions of investment activity to ensure rapid development of food processing industry are established.

Keywords: innovation capacity, investment attractiveness, the mechanism of investment, the investment climate


Mechanism of enterprise development management by the processing innovations

Olesya A. Kurnosova

In the article the mechanism of management development enterprises by the processing innovations is proposed. Realization of the developed mechanism allows promoting a validity of managerial decisions at perfection of business-processes of enterprises.

Keywords: management development, innovative, processing innovations, mechanism of management, business-process


Status and problems of development of mortgage lending in Ukraine

Myroslava I. Kupyra

In the article the state of mortgage lending in Ukraine is analyzed. The factors that affect the mortgage market are determined. The ways of rapid becoming the market and further improvement of mortgage relations in the country are proposed.

Keywords: the mortgage crediting, mortgage market, interest rate, credits for real estate


Strategic aspects of achieving competitive advantages in the business of wine industry on the example of "Odesavynprom" company

Alexander A. Oleynik

The article deals with the stages and components of the formation of competitive business strategies for wine growing and wine-making industry. Certain areas of strategic development and ways of implementing competitive strategies are defined. Reasonable the basic aspects of PJSC "Odesavynprom" activity according to the competitive position occupied by the company in the wine industry and analysis of the situation in Ukraine wine market in general. The chosen strategy allows the company to achieve competitive advantages and increase competitiveness.

Keywords: strategy, planning, management, competition, wine market, enterprise, development


Problems of innovation management in food industry

E.A. Shkuratova

This paper is devoted to the problems of innovation management in the enterprise. Research issues arising in innovation and identifies the ways to decide them in the food industry.

Keywords: innovation management, potential innovations, techniques, food industry




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